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Jesper Doub, CEO of publisher Spiegel Online, believes the time is right to create a subscriptions model. In a recent conversation, Doub discussed Spiegel’s reader-revenue strategy, the ePrivacy Regulation and the duopoly’s power. Our conversation has been edited and condensed.

What’s your view on publishers turning to reader-revenue models?
We’re seeing a dramatic shift in revenue streams. The traditional display ad business is stalling, and programmatic bidding tends to drive prices down. One option is to reshape our ad business and ensure there are new, attractive ad packages which prioritize brand safety, not just reach. We also see a window of opportunity opening for us to access more reader revenue. We believe in the future of subscription models and are developing a paid content model, called Spiegel+ Reloaded.

Full article: https://digiday.com/media/spiegel-online-ceo-jesper-doub-pivot-consumer-revenue-duopoly-privacy-regulations/

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